• Derek Engles

App Stores & Web portal are Done!

Having an actual working product is truly amazing, and I am happy to report that we are ready to make a real difference in restaurants across the country.

Communicating with team members has always been a challenge in the food & beverage industry, as there are a number of factors that prohibit an entire restaurant staff from being on the same page. Different schedules, different learning curves and different personalities make restaurant management a truly difficult undertaking, especially in todays world.

Virtual Restaurant Manager makes the tasks of restaurant operations easier by creating a contactless management environment to engage, train & develop your staff members to their fullest potential.

Imagine if 1 manager could execute the entire training program, send schedule updates in real time, deliver dynamic pre-shifts everyday and keep up on the social media reviews across various platforms! Now 1 manager can do the work of 3 with VRM.

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