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  • Derek Engles

Creating Value: An Online Community

What brings value to your reader or subscriber? that is a tough question to answer, as it would appear that without a constant flow of content (a la social media) one cannot be successful in the internet game.

When choosing how I wanted to execute Somm.Site, I didn't want to repurpose material all over the web and charge 50 to 100 dollars per class, as it seams the majority of courses offered online these days are comprised of. The majority of entrepreneurs selling courses, classes and knowledge online have come up with a way to monetize a lot of information that exists in the web atmosphere already. They just retype it and go.

I wanted to create my courses from scratch, a dream I have always had for executing great hospitality education. There is a way to tell the story that I believe benefits food and beverages employees, which I have been utilizing for my entire career. It was learned through trial and error, as well as through giving approximately 2000 pre-shifts in my life.

white wine education
White wine has a wide range of styles.

Restaurant employees learn better with small bursts of engaging information, rather than drawn out courses that last weeks or months. Usable information, pertinent to the immediate future, delivered in an approachable manner... that is a recipe appreciated by all F & B employees. Making an education calendar that the F and B Director likes is a great start, but true execution requires you to invent, create and manage your time well, because it is tough to get back on track once you get off of your schedule.

If you are always educating, with smaller lessons, delivered consistently, across multiple platforms and modalities, you have a higher retention rate and less effort exerted to get there. It is the way of the future for learning and leveling up our skills.

champagne wine production
Champagne is an artisanal product made at scale.

As I launch Somm.Site as an educational community over the coming weeks, I am focused on bringing real value to the members. The courses will be the crux of the learning experience, as they will be tailored to give the participants maximum learning in short, concise lessons. Original content, focused towards the hospitality arena, built to level up skills and benefit career trajectory.

wine education
Which countries consume the most wine by volume?

Somm.Site is targeted towards hospitality employees but enjoyable by enthusiasts as well. Wine is the focus, but all food and beverage topics are on the table, as a good sommelier should be the most knowledgeable in the room on all topics.


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