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  • Derek Engles

Guerrilla Start-Up

As the development of VRM moves along, I am flooded with ideas about the evolution, yet remain steadfast in producing a product that is brilliant at the basics. The most daunting task may be seeing the immense budgets that have been bestowed upon the competition. Truly a guerrilla effort on my part.

I saw an entire package of paper thrown away this week. It is common, as the delivery of information in many large organizations is haphazard at best. While the development of Virtual Restaurant Manager did not originally revolve around the reduction of paper waste, its potential impact is outstanding. 50,000 sheets of paper is approximately 100 trees, which is the amount of paper a restaurant on the Las Vegas strip will use briefly and throw away. And that's not including the paper used for menu printing. We could save an entire forest every year, just on the strip, with the massive deployment of VRM.

As is customary on Thursday, there was a continuous line of servers at the schedule, taking pictures for their records. Then, when it was edited on Friday, same thing; a line of employees taking pictures and texting each other the schedule. When a restaurant deploys Virtual Restaurant Manager, the opening manager will simply post the most updated schedule in the app, and the closing manager can do the same if necessary. It is harmonious with your legacy software like MS Excel, and requires no downloading or information sharing. Log in on the web page, upload the schedule in pdf form and send it out to the app in everyone's pocket.

Brilliant at the basics is the mantra of Virtual Restaurant Manager. Saving money on paper goods, increasing corporate sustainability and keeping your employees up on information instantly is what VRM provides.


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