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  • Derek Engles

Into Production

As the Virtual Manager application goes into full production this week, I am reminded of a great piece of advice that a seasoned veteran of the restaurant business told me a long time ago; be brilliant at the basics.

Keeping your staff informed is that basic task that sometimes is harder than it looks. Some people are away, some are working other jobs, some have families and others have scheduling conflicts. The ability to keep your organization on task and informed is actually harder than it looks, especially when you manage a large staff. When you send out the most updated version after each edit, the staff is in tune in real time.

When those members of the staff have been on vacation or just haven't worked a lot lately, they have the most updated menu changes in the app, ready to study. New dish on the menu, special for the evening or need to move through an item? Upload a video with your chef preparing the dish and export it out to the service staff well in advance. The task of keeping everyone at the same knowledge level in a restaurant environment can be tough. That was a major pain point I wanted to address with Virtual Manager.

So how are we going to convince large organizations to let Virtual Manager streamline their operations? We save time, we save money, we increase productivity through education and we operate in conjunction with your legacy software. No downtime, no lengthy training classes and no intellectual property intrusion.

We make your staff members brilliant at the basics.


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