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  • Derek Engles

New Website Designs

While developing Somm.Site, I quickly realized that my web design skills where in need of a refresh. Diving into tech tutorials can be daunting, however I found that having a place to practice is always a good idea when developing new technology skills.

I started with the basics, and redesigned this site, along with the marketing site for Virtual Restaurant Manager. First order of business was learning how to make websites dynamic in the way they fit multiples types of screen sizes as well as they way they present information. I never set out to be a web designer, I never wanted to be the ultimate in UX/UI and I never formally studied comp sci... yet, here I am.

Personal branding and business goals aside, I feel like this website tells a better story of my skills, my projects and my portfolio of work. Additionally, my site functions properly on all screen sizes, a must in todays modern world. Small victories!

For VRM's website, I am telling the story of the product, the idea and the business model; a clear an concise explanation with good graphics, layout and flow.

While analyzing tech websites, I realized there was a rush to make the most complicated site possible, especially when attempting to show off design prowess as much as the product itself.

I chose the "bigger isn't better, better is better" model and kept it simple, streamlined and informative. As my "design style" starts to unfold, I am keeping it on brand and on target.

As I am developing Somm.Site, I get to add to my skills by learning database creation and management next, making the volumes of information on the site easily accessible.

As I create the database for Somm.Site, I am simultaneously creating a larger database which will be used for another project down the road called The Beverage Database.

Needless to say, there is a lot of grinding going on right now, with the end result being a host of multi-faceted websites aimed at assisting the hospitality industry.

Stay tuned!


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