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  • Derek Engles

A lot of similarities among the competition.

If you search for restaurant management software, you find a lot of dynamic and interesting options available. When conducting the market research for Virtual Restaurant Manager, I recognized one glaring thing about the plethora of "management" options either coming to market or already in existence. Most, if not all of these make it mandatory to intertwine their application with your sales, purchasing and intellectual property. In order for Jolt, which is seemingly the most cutting edge restaurant management software to be released this year, to work to its fullest potential, it must collect data from your organization and becomes a part of your corporate ecosystem. I wanted to avoid this with VRM.

Utilizing adobe's pdf technology, we avoid your organizations proprietary information and financial data. We aren't taking over your ordering system or collecting your company's debt profile. We are giving your managers the ability to produce results by streamlining their everyday functions. We make your business better the old fashioned way with new technology. VRM increases efficiency and decreases waste.

Combine this with a stellar desktop view to perform the usual nightly work, while instantly exporting information out to the staff in real time, and I believe VRM is on the right track to make a big impact.

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