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  • Derek Engles


The first time you open your email and see the actual screenshots of your project, it is gratifying and scary all the same. It is real, and this first glance at the fruits of my labor is very cool to see.

Now, as the coding begins on the more intricate functions, project management is paramount, and finding new ways to effectively manage a team of developers halfway across the world is a daily challenge. I have adopted the method of mocking up visual aids, typing simple and concise instructions on every task and taking the very best of the apps (my competition) that exist and improving the tasks they perform. Now it is in the developers' hands, and I am optimistic based on the work I have seen so far.

Next up, I will be receiving the first incarnation of the app in a rudimentary form, to begin the refining and debugging process. While the functionality of the app is set, the user experience must be dialed in before launch, as a major point of this entire endeavor was to streamline and simplify tasks. If I had to guess right now, I would say beta testing on or about the first of February, so the original timeline is fairly intact. So the push to market a new startup continues, and the growth of the social media presence will be key to the plans I have for Virtual Restaurant Manager.


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