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  • Derek Engles

Update on Virtual Restaurant Manager

Although things could be considered slightly behind schedule, I am pleased with the progress that I have been making on VRM. Here is a snapshot of where I have been and where I am going.

It's getting developed!

The team in India is almost finished with the web portal (back end) and about 1/3 through the actual app build. I wish it was done, but I am happy with the attention to detail that the team has shown thus far. They bring up a lot of good points and I enjoy working through each issue because it will make the finished product perform better.

Time Frame

Obviously this is fluid, as the desire to create a near perfect incarnation of my vision supersedes timeliness. However, if I were to offer up a timeline, I would say beta testing will begin in mid-April, with roll out on or about June 1.

Path Forward

We will wrap up the web portal within a couple weeks and I expect to have an actual product in my hand to begin the debugging process by the end of the month. Once this happens, I will be able to create a mock restaurant with the assistance of trusted industry professionals and work on the refinements as well as version 1.2 additions.

Pleasant Surprise

The personal branding, which I plan to accentuate my ability to sell the finished product, is ahead of schedule. LinkedIn has been the biggest surprise, as my efforts there have connected me with so many industry professionals. Instagram has been the biggest disappointment, as it is nothing more than a haven for people bragging about their lives. Nevertheless, all of my social channels are functioning the way I want, ahead of schedule.

Contact me at for more information!

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