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  • Derek Engles

Virtual Restaurant Manager - In the Beginning

I set out to create a system that delivered important information to staff members instantaneously without wasting time, paper and money. Simple, efficient, cheap and most important, effective.

Many of the management software applications existing today seek to embed themselves into the sales, purchasing, ordering and inventory of an organization; extracting information and intellectual property. Virtual Restaurant Manager will be able to send adobe pdf's, high resolution scanned documents and spreadsheets without being downloaded or saved on a corporate server. We work with legacy software systems that currently exist, which all management teams already use.

I wanted to create a system where a manager with zero experience could walk into a restaurant and be a rock star leader. Imagine a world where your entry level manager updates menu training and exports it to the entire staff every week, sends out pre-shift notes every day, monitors social media reviews, coordinates with the wine team to have a fresh wine list and training packet posted, uploads video of the chef preparing new dishes and saves thousands of dollars on paper while doing it! I call this place "general manager utopia".

50,000 sheets of paper will be handed out by each restaurant on the strip this year, and most of it goes in the trash immediately. That's approximately 10 trees a month, per restaurant. The sheet of paper is the new straw, it is only a matter of time before a call to action is established. The question is, who will be the leader in a paperless existence?


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