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  • Derek Engles

What a Waste (without VRM)

The average strip restaurant orders a case of paper every month containing 5000 sheets, or 10 packages of 500. 60,000 pieces of paper is roughly 50 fully grown trees worth of paper. Where does it go? In the garbage.

Even if every sheet of paper was utilized correctly, this seems really excessive. Now, if a company was brave enough to utilize the technology that exists in our employees pockets instead of pretending its isn't there, we could unlock a world of value for employers and employees. Virtual Restaurant Manager can reduce that paper usage by 75% immediately, and give each employee a catalog of training information instead of scattered notes that migrate to the trash can. And for the restaurants and resorts that do not recycle, this is a way to reduce costs and increase corporate sustainability.

How many trees can your business save? How much better can the flow of information be to your employees? When can Virtual Restaurant Manager begin to help you?

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