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What is a controliran wine?

Name 3 synonyms for Tempranillo from Spain. Name 2 from Portugal.

Who produces 'Hill of Grace'?

What is Boberg?

What is the river that runs through Chablis?

What is Harriague?

What is the min. ABV of Brunello di Montalcino?

Match the following with the appropriate area: A. Zonda B. Bengula Current C. Albany Doctor

Where are the Gimblett Gravels?

What is the best vinatge for Port in the 1950's?

True or Flase: Morellino di Scansano is 100% Sangiovese.

What is Aspersion?

List 4 Districts of the coastal Region in S. Africa.

Allowed style(s) and Varietal(s) of Sancerre?

What is the main varietal of Rosso Conero?

What is the varietal for Nemea?

If you were to travel east out of the Collio Gorizino region, which country would you encounter?

What is Cap Classique?

What is Listan?

What is the main varietal for Santorini?

Where is the Hudson River Valley?

Where is Grattallops?

What is the most northerly Scotch sub region?

Where is the village of Deidesheim?

Is Colmar in the Haut or Bas Rhin?

Define débourbage.

Where is Citursdale Valley?

List the regions of the South Island of New Zealand.

What are the 2 main varietals for Jurancon?

Where is Kangaroo Island?

What river flows through Valtellina?

Where is Lake Bodensee?

Where would you find the vineyard Graacher Domprobst?

what is the Ungrafted varietal found in Colares?

Where is St Germains Elderflower Liquer produced?

is setubal north or south of lisbon?

Where is Simalkeeman?

Minimum aging requirement for Colheita Port.

Where is Clos des Ormes?

Where is Beaumont-su-Vesle?

What mountain range separates Napa and Sonoma counties?

Name the commune and growth for the following chateau…



Pontet Canet:

Where is North Yuba?

Name the islands of scotland in the whiskey producing ara of the same name.

Who produces Celebris?

Who produces quinta de bomfin?

which AOC is based upon the romorantin varietal?

Dry white wines from Cerons are sold under which AOC?

Where is grattalops?

Where is Valdizarbe?

Who makes Nec Plus Ultra?

What is in a Brandy Alexander?

List the ava's of long island.

Where is vire-clesse?

What is the appellation and synonym for sangiovese in france?

what river does toro d.o. reside on?

what island did machico burn to the ground in 1419?

what river bisects sachsen?

Who produces redigaffi?

what are the aging requirements for gran reserva cava?

clos de tart is a monopole for which producer?

where is the vineyard les narbantons?

Which producer is responsible for torgiano?

list the ava's of santa barbara co.

what is the main varietal for crepy aoc?

where is cape aguilhas?

which u.s. state(s) may legally produce and export bourbon?

what are the 3 predominant soil types for sherry?

where are the levant winds?

what is schillerwein?

synonym for tannat in uruguay?

list 4 cultivars of vitis lambrusca.

where is pelee penninsula?

is jurancon sweet or dry?

which was the best vintage for the medoc: 1997, 1998, 1999 or 2000?

where is the yorkville highlands ava?

where are the gimblett gravels?

Where is keuka lake?

Where is kwazulu natal?

who produces hill of grace? 

where is malleco?

which champagne vintage had the best growing season: '81, '91, '01, or '11?

what state are each of the following in: 1. mt benson 2.yarra valley

what is the min. abv for chateauneuf du pape?

what is roter hang?

what are two synonyms for chardonnay in austria?

which red grape in tuscany makes sweet wines & is genetically linked to muscat a petite grains?

The grand crus of Dézaley and Calamin are located where?

What is Verdea?

what is enantio?

What is Halkidiki?


Which AOP produces both VDL and VDN wines?

What is the only French appellation outside of Bordeaux to publish a ranking of grand cru classé estates?

what is Chenel?

what is the simplest form of spur-pruning/head-training?

who makes janus?

Where is Vitis amurensis native to?

Vin D'Alsace Shillerwein is made from which varietal?

What Spanish region shares a border with Banyuls/Colliure?

What is Topaque?

What is South Africa's southernmost wine district?

which sub region of chianti overlaps brunello di montalcino?

What does reserve and special reserve mean on a Bulgarian wine label?

Samso is a synonym for what grape? Where?

what is Centerbe?

What is Mavro and Mavrud?

where is the Vienne river?

define chlorosis.

What are the parents of Malbec?

In which AVA would you find the Klipsun Vineyard?

Name a DO pago in Utiel Requena.

According to the Barossa Old Vine Charter ,what is the min age of the term Ancestor Vines in Barossa Valley?

Which Cote du Rhone Villages produces only Red and Rose?

What the southernmost sub AVA of Willamette Valley?

What is the max yield in hl/ha for Sauternes?

Name the two chateaus that were upgraded to Premier Grand Cru Classe B in 2006

Which appellation in bordeaux requires 60-90% combined Colombard and Ugni Blanc?

Name the two crus of Savoie that produced only reds from Mondeuse.

What is a synonym for Trincaderia?

What are the parents of Vidal?

Who founded Buena Vista winery?

What is the Largest demarcated region in Europe?

Which DO is located directly north of Ribera del Duero?

What is Zibbibo and where is the term used?

What is the varietal and min % for Bandol Rouge?

Who produces Edelkeur?

What is Grasevina?

Name four grapes used in the production of Tokaji?

What grapes are allowed for VOC Znojmo?

Where is the Premier Cru "Cuis"?

What is the min % of Sangiovese for Chianti DOCG?

What is the min abv for varietally labeled Albarino in Rias Baixas?

There are 11 communes of Production for Barolo, Name 7.

Which Premier cru of Chablis borders Bougros and les Presus?

Where is the Ararat Valley?

What is the minimum cask aging for Colheita Tawy port?

What is a synonym for Esgana Cao?

Which appellation on Crete produces whites from Vilana and reds from Kotsifali and Mandilaria?

Name the training method that is only allowed for Pinot Meunier grapes in Champagne?

In which ava would you find the Bien Nacido Vineyard?

Valle de Claro, Valle de Loncomilla and Valle de Tutuven are located in which DO?

What is the Northern most region of the North Island of New Zealand?

What is the name of the DO that was absorbed by Gran Canaria?

Quarts de Chaume is located in which commune?

What is the recommended white grape of Condado de Huelva DO?

What are the Gis of Queensland?

Where are the Gabilan Range?

Which German Anbaugebiet has the highest acreage of Silvaner?

What are the aging requirements for Brunello di Montalcino Riserva DOCG

What is the dominant grape in Obermosel and Moseltor beriches?

Goldriesling is a specailty of which German Anbaugebiet?

What is the current sweetness level for Sec Champagnes in g/l?

Where is the term "Gentil" used and what does it mean?

Which appellation in the Central Vineyards of Loire is made from 100% Chassleas?

What are the 4 AOPs of Corsica?

What are the 1er crus of Vougeot?

What is the min percetange of Tinta de Toro in Toro?

What is the aging requirements for Rioja Blanco Reserva?

What is the smallest grand cru Vineyard in Alsace?

Which Zone in South Australia have no Regions or Subregions?

Which appelations of the Jura produce Vin de Paille?

What is the margin of error for alcohol % in the US?

Where is the premier cru of Cote de Lechet?

Lazzarito are Cerretta are crus of which Commune?

Frangy, Marestel, Monterminod, and Monthoux are all subzones of which AOP?

Who makes "Calvarino"?

What is the min % of malbec in Cahors?

Bierzo is located within which autonomia?

What are the DOC's of Argentina?

What grapes will you find in Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh that are not used in Jurancon?

Who produces "Cuvee Louis"?

What is the Average age and Residual Sugar range for Grand Muscat from Rutherglen

Which Rias Baixas Subregion stipulates a min 70% albarino and Loureira blend if labled by that subzone?

The town of Brauneberg was formerlly known as?

Outside of Catalyuna, name 2 DO that are allowed to produce Cava.

Cote de Beaune Village wines may be sourced from any village expect which 4 villages?

What is monopole is german?

What is Argentina's most planted Varietal?

What is the grape and min % for Taurasi DOCG?

What are the Grand Crus of Chambolle Musigny?

Which Premier Cru is a continuation of Batard Montrachet in the Puligny Montrachet Village?

What is the southernmost appellation of the Cote Chalonnaise?

Where is Demerara rum made?

Where is Wine region of Rio Grande do Sul?

Where is the town of Illmitz?

The Lisboa VR was formerly know as what?

La Grande Rue is a monopole of which Producer?

What is the primary flavor of Van der Hume?

What are the 3rd growths of St. Julien?

What is the eastern most Canary Island?

Where is the Elbe River Valley?

What is the min abv for Amarone?

What is the largest demarcated region in the world?

What is the definiton of Fine Champange Cognac?

What is the KMW for Auslese in Austria?

What are the sub regions of the Finger Lakes?

Who produces wine from the Graccher Josephshofer monopole?

What is Krupnik?

Which labeling terms used in chile mandate time in oak?

Cote de Nuit Village wines may be sourced from which Villages?

What are the ingredients in a waldorf Cocktail?

What is unpasteurized sake called?

from 2012 onward, what is the max hl/ha for Erste Lage wines?

How many liters are in a Stuck?

What is the name of the barrel used in chablis and what is its capacity?

What is Biodynamic Preparation 500?

What is the potugeuse term for grape varietal?

What is the name of the infamous rootstock that sucumbed to phylloxera in california in the 1980s

What is the max yield in hl/ha for  qualitatswein in Austria?

What is feine and hochfeine?

Wehlen, piesport and Brauneberg are located in which Bereiche?

name the alleinbesitz of Schloss Schonborn?

What is the climate of Canberra district?

Where are the Brokenback Mountains?

What is the size of an American Hogshead in barossa?

Where is the producer Cape Mentelle located?

what river separates Canterbury from Otago?

Where is the subregion Waiheke Island?

Who released the first comercial new zealand wine under screwcap?

What are the DOC's of Argentina?

What is the min Abv of a Chilean wine labeled "Reserva Especial"?

Synonym for Mission Grape in Argentina?

True Riesling in South Africa is called what?

Where is Table Mountain?

What is the Max acerage for the use of term "Single Vineyard Wine" In South Africa?

Where are the Helderberg peaks?

Where is Sunday's Glen Ward?

When was DOCG system Introduced?

After how many years can DOC appellations apply for DOCG status?

What is the min. percentage of Nebbiolo in Roero?

In which province is Gavi located within?

When did Franciacorta become DOCG?

What is the most planted grape in Italy?

What is the Northern most DOCG is Tuscany

Name a synonym for Trebbiano Toscano.

Which Vedicchio based DOCG in Marche is closer to the coast?

Where is Brindisi DOC  and what is the main varietal?

What is a synonym for Nero d'Avola?

Who  makes Maria di Brun?

what is the max hl/ha for Erste Lage as of 2012?

What is the oschle range for Auslese in germany?

What is the largest beriche of the mosel?

What is germany's Northernmost Winegrowing region?

What is a synonym for jaen?

What is the name of the treaty signed between portugal and england in 1703 that had prefential tariffs for Portugese wines?

What is the soil type of Vinho Verde DOC?

Where is the Serra do Marao?

What is the First DO approved in the Canary Islands?

What is the newest DO in the Canary Islands?

What are the DO's of the Balearic Islands?

What are the parents of Tempranillo?

What is the first DOCa and when?

Where is Alfaro?

Which Autonomias have no Do's?

Which DO borders Valdeorras to the east?

What is Fondillon?

How old must vines be before harvesting in the Ucles DO?

Where is germany's warmest winegrowing region?

What do the bees mean on a bottle of Valais's Amigne de Vétroz?

What country can the following grapes be found: Klevener, Ebling, Dornfelder, Rotgipfler

What river is Oberhauser Brücke located and what is its monopole producer?

What is “Steinwein”?

Where is Lake Boden located?

What Grand Cru site is Trimbach's Clos-Ste-Hune located?

What are the DAC's of Austria?

What is the largest Grand Cru of Alsace?

What are the Vosges Mountians called in the Plafz?

What 2 DAC's are only red wine producing?

What village are the following vineyards located: Clos St-Urbain, Pralat, Schuett, Scharzhofberger

What is heuriger?

What is the synonmy for Chasselas in the Vaud?

Where is the Southernmost grand cru of Alsace?

What is Austria's most cultivated white grape?

Where is Alois Kracher estate located

What vineyard is shared between France and Germany in the Pfalz?

What are the allowed grapes in a wine labled "pinot" from Alsace?

What is the KMW & ABV of Steinfeder?

What anbaugebiet of Germany has more land under vine than any other anbaugebiet?

What is an ortsteil?

What is the Oechsle scale for Spätlese in the Pfalz?

What shelters the vineyards of the Ahr from cold winds?

What is grés de Vosges?

What country does Sachen border?

What is the must weight level for VT Muscat & Riesling?

Who makes "G-MAX"?

What 2 AOP's are located in the Lorraine?

What is the climate of Burgunland?

Where isColli Di Salerno IGT and what famous producer comes from it?

What style of wines are produced in Aversa DOC? Be specific.

What are the aging requirements for Taurasi DOCG? What is it for Taurasi Risera DOCG?

What are 2 DOC's known for sweet wine production on Sicily not Marsala DOC?

What is the most cultivated grape of Puliga?

Who produces the wine "Terra di Lavoro". Where and what style of wine is it? What is its classification.

What are the grapes of Conero Rosso Riserva DOCG?

What 2 Frascati DOC were awarded DOCG satus in 2011?

Where are the following DOC's: Fara & Faro?

What are the aging requirements for Chianti Senesi Riserva DOCG?

What are the soils of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano?

What DOCG was a former subzone of Rosso della Val di Cornia DOCG?

What stlye of wines come from Colli Euganei Fior d'Arancio DOCG?

What is the 1 offical subzone of Colli Orientali del Friuli-Picolit DOCG ?

What are the 2 DOCG zones with in the Valtellina DOC?

What is the synonmy for Vermentino in Liguria?

What is the river of the Valle d'Aosta?

Where is the following cru: Romirasco.

What are the 3 white DOCG's of Piedmonte?

What was Italy's first DOC?

What does "asciutto" mean on a bottle of Italian wine?

What are r/s requirements for Talento sparkling wine?

What region of Italy produces the least amount of wine?

List the main grape in the following wines: Paleo Rosso, Passopisciaro, Le Pergol Torte, Ca d'Morrissio

What DOC does Taurasi, Fiano Di Avellino & Grecco di Tufo lie within?

Where exactly is the Cannonau di Sardegna DOC?

What are the best years for Barolo in the 1970's?

What was the first vintage of Tignanello?

What is the synonym for Garganega in Sicily?

What are the aging requirements for Amarone Della Valpolicella Riserva DOCG

What 2 lakes moderate Savoie's climate?

What is Jacquère?

Name the communes North to South which can append their names to Roussette de Savoie AOP

What is the minimum r/s for Bugey-Cerdon méthode ancestrale?

What are the aging requirments for Vin de Paille?

What are 3 climatic challenges for the Loire Valley? 

What are the soils of Pays Nantis?

What is "Sur Lie"?

What département is Haut-Poitou located?

What are 3 red wine AOPs of the village Saumur?

What is the minimum residula sugar for Coteaux du Layon SGN AOP?

What commune is Bonnezaeux AOP located?

What is the grape of Chinon Blanc AOP?

What is the maximum % of Orbois allowed in Vouvray?

What are the 5 sweetness levels of Vouvray?

What river flows thru Saint-Pourçain?

What style of wines are from Coteaux du Loir AOP?

What are the 3 vineyards of Domain Huet?

What are the style of wines of Valençay AOP?

What 3 AOP's of Touraine in the Loire Valley is Orbois allowed?

Who produces "Domaine du Clos Naudin"?

What style of wines are made in the Orléans-Cléry AOP?

What is the grape of Pouilly-sur-Loire?

What is the Southermost AOP of the Loire Valley?

What AOP in the Loire Valley can the grape Sacy be found?

What are the white only AOP's of the Central Vineyards?

What is Chardonnay known as in Orléans?

What grapes are used in modern styles of Bikavér?

What are the 2 levels of quality for PDO wines of Greece?

What are 4 grapes allowed in Tokaj?

What are the 3 PDO/OPAP  of the Peloponnese?

Where is Patrimonio located?

What region of Czech Republic are the the majority of acers under vine?

What is the Hungarian synonmy for the following grapes: Gamza, Blaufränkisch, Mouschodi?

What 2  PDO/OPE's of the Aegean Islands can be VDN?

What are the soils of Tokaj?

Where is Sungurlare located?

What is Massandra?

What is the minimum residual sugar for Natúresszencia?

Where is Krasnodar located?

What is Hungary's largest region?

What are 6 wine areas of Transdanubia?

What is the grape of Patras PDO/OPAP?

What are the 2 noncontiguous zones of Croatia?

What is the ABV for Vermetino di Gallura Superiore DOCG?

What is Vörös Bor?

What grape are used for dry whites from Cephalonia?

What does "barkik" mean on a bottle of quality wine of Bulgaria?

What is Hungary's hotest region?

What is the only PDO/OPAP for white wine in Thessalia?

What Italian region does Brda border?

What Countries Boarder Romainia?

What are the grapes of Santorini?

What are the 3 styles of Marsala?

What are the requirments for Banyuls Grand Cru AOP?

Which Slovenian region borders Collio?

Which river runs along Tokaj?

Which river does Worms sit on?

Where is the Lac du Bourget?

Which sub-regions of Rias Baixas sit on the Minho river?

River of Ribatejano.

Sub Regions of Adelaide Hills.

Which River runs through Chinon?

Where is Banks Penninsula?

Where is Boutenac?

Which Rias Baixas sub-region is the most northernly?

Where is Nagambie Lakes?

What are the subregions of Oltrepo Pavese?

Which range runs along Rivesaltes?

What are the three types of Shochu in Japan?

What are the subzones of St-Chinian?

Where is Chateau Tahlbik?

What are the parents of Zweigelt?

Which lake does Bianco di Custoza reside on?

Where is East Taratahi/Gladstone?

What is Germany's only anbaugebeit without an Erste Lage site?

Where is Cape Farewell?

What is Schilcher?

What is the white grape of Crete?

Which two grapes are responsible for Tinto Negro Mole?

What is Listán?

What are the white grapes of Marsala?

List 4 plum eaux de vie.

How long must Rivesaltes Hors d'Auge be aged?

Alternative name for Crown Gall.

List the subzones of the Cotes de Bordeaux.

What type of Oak is used in cork production?

what is the only chateau to dissapear from the 1855 classification?

List the subzones of Ribera Sacra.

What grapes are used to produce Chatillon en Dios?

What are the three subzones of Colli Orientali del Friuli?

Aubaine, Beaunois, Gamay Blanc, Melon Blanc atre synonyms for which grape?

Min. ABV for Muscat Beaumes de Venise?

Which Provencal wine is bottled in  bowling pin shaped bottle?

List the Trás-os-Montes DOP subregions.

DOP's of The Península de Setúbal.

Synonym for Vermentino in Piedmont.

What is the grape of Chignin-Bergeron?

Which two comunes of Barolo share Brunate?

Where would Antão Vaz be found?

3 communes that can use Ratseau for VDN AOP.

What is Fuella Nera?

Rasteau Hors d'Age ageing req.

What is the only Greek PDO to allow Rose wines?

Grape varieals for the Algarve.

Wine produced in Touraine Noble-Joue.

Synonym for Roussanne in Savoie.

Communes of CdP.

What is Flaschengärung?

Where is Cape Canaile?

Mountain range of Gigondas.

Where is the commune of Pupullin?

River of Gigondas.

What is produced in Sterea Ellada?

Name an AOC with mandatory saignee?

Where is Ch. Simone?

Where is Ch. de Saint Cosme?

Synonym for Blaufränkisch in Hungary.

Synonym for Vermentino in Provence.

What is the Circle of Mad?

What is the only PDO of Epirus, and what is produced there?

What is foulage?

Varietals of Biscoitos DOP.

What is Greece's coolest wine region?

What is Marselan?

Define tokkuri.

Where is Dom. De Trevalon?

Define awamori.

Where would you find Rákóczy’s original classification?

Where is the St Christophe Plateau?

7 communes of Fronsac.

Difference between Graves and Pesssac red varietals allowed.

Describe the Aloxe-Corton blanc by Daniel Senard.

Second wine of Branaire Ducru.

Where is St Roman AOP?

Where is the vineyard of Pisse Vieille?

Synonym for refosco in Carso DOC.

Where is Moquegua Valley?

Where would you find wildbacher grown?

What grapes are responsible for Blauburger?

Where are the famous “floating vineyards”?

What is Jegbor?

Grape varietal of Zitsa.

Where are the Troödos Mountains?

Where is Loramie Creek AVA?

Where is the 1er cru Les Narbantons?

Where is the Gulf Saint Vincent?

What is Omar Khayyam?

Where would you find Empery Cupid Wild Grapes Wine?

Where is the village of MILLY-LAMARTINE?

Who makes Chapelle de Bages?

List the best 1er cru's from Morey St Denis.

Producer of Les Clos St.-Hilaire.

Saint-Romain is a particular clone of which varietal?

Where is Château Simone?

Where would you find NOSIOLA growing?

BROKE FORDWICH is a subregion of where?

El Hierro is located where?

What are the two main varietals for BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA?

what are three winegrowing districts in Montenegro?

Where is the CATOCTIN AVA?

Most Western VQA in Canada.

What did Professor Nelson Shaulis invent?

CHARDONEL is a crossing between…?

Müller-Thurgau x Sylvaner produces what?

Grape of FARA DOC.

If a wine is labeled Lagrima, what does this indicate?


Where is COMPLETER grown?

Name A synonym for the Marsanne grape used in the Valais.



Where are the Bükk Mountains?

What are the 3 AVA's of Missouri?

Where is the world’s oldest viticultural college?

Describe the 2000 vintage in Valais and Vaud.

Where would you find the solano wind?


Red varietal of ISCHIA DOC.

Synonym for Monastrell in Sardinia. 

List the villages of CÔTES DU FRONTONNAIS.

Who was Louis Roederer’s Cristal made for?

Which villages may add their names to the Côtes du Vivarais appellation?

What are the principal towns of Rioja?

Which appellation represents half of the vin doux
naturel produced in France?


Min % of Mencia in Bierzo reds.

What region does the The Cantabrian Mountains protect? 

Who makes Quinta da Ervamoira?

The Bass Straight separates which two land masses?

Wahgunyah is a sub-region of which major area?

What 2 wind occurences impact western Australia?


List 5 of the 7 villages of St Veran.

Dominio de Valdepusa is closest to which DO?

When did it cease to be mandatory that all port is aged in san sadurni d'noia?

Which grape produces the “Tiger’s Milk” wine of Slovenia?

Max % of Merlot Blanc allowed in Bordeaux Superior AOP.

When did the Hospice de Beaune auctions begin?

Antequera plateau is located where?

Which appelation would you find ambré, tuilé, grenat, Hors d’age as legally defined terms?

List 5 varietals of BIERZO DO.

Where would you find C. N. Kopke & Co.?

Where is the Skåne region?

Two main rivers of Bulgaria.

Where is Vin de Pays de Cilaos located?

Which county is the DIABLO GRANDE AVA in?

Château de Loei was the first commercial winery where?

Which area of China has the most wineries and highest quality production levels?

Define SOLAR, as it would appear on a Portugese wine label.

Which river runs through the Maremma?

Sub Zones of Lambrusco.

Where is Binissalem?

Sub Regions of Aragón.

Where is the Tagus River?

Who makes His Eminence’s Choice Superb
Old Tawny?

Main varietal of DAFNÉS, CRETE.

What did Dr. Sylvius de Bouve create?

DOCG of the Marche. 

What red grapes may be used in the production of rubino Marsala?

Where would you find the grape Pontac?

List the eight districts of the Coastal Region, SA.

Define Beneficio.

Location of the Indre River.

List 5 sweet wine AOP's in Bordeaux.

Describe the 'molasse' soil of St Emilion.

Where does Chenin Blanc derive its name?

River of VALENÇAY.

Villages of Bugey.

River of Gaillac.



Sub areas of Clare Valley.

Who makes Cuvée des Enchanteleurs?

Which river has it's source in the Cévennes Mountains?

Chanturgues is the finest village in which French region?

Where is Cape Otway?

List the varietals allowed in Taurasi DOCG.

What is MILK Sherry?

What does Classic, Grand and Rare mean on an Australian Port bottle?

Who makes Cuvée Mosaïque?


Which house was founded in 1756 by the Marquis de Pombal to regulate the port trade?

Define flurbereinigt.

What is Bay Rum?

An AOP of gravelly soil on the left bank of
the Dordogne (Entre-Deux-Mers).

The most popular Macedonian wine is ….. ?

Capacity and region of a BOTA.

Where is La Vilella Baixa?

Where is the River Ill?

Who produces Quinta da Ervamoira?

A Gewürztraminer crossed with Müller-
Thurgau is what?

TORRONTÉS in Spain is a synonym from what?

Define Branch Water.

Which rums are made in Martinique?

Where would you find boulbènes, aslar, and ribot? soil?

Who produces Cuvée Orpale?


Where would you find the classification GridIron.

Hohe Eifel hills are located where?

Sea breezes called meltemi are found where?

Tsarine is produced by whom?

Where would you fin the crossings Gamaret and Garanoir?

List the four Bourgogne lieux-dits created in the 1990s.

Charentenay, Escolives-Sainte-Camille, Migé, Mouffy, Jussy, and Val-de-Mercy make up which AOP?

Where is the Coteaux l'Atlas 1er Cru?

Alte Reben on a German wine label means what?

What was the first commercial vermouth?

What does the Tsugaru Strait separate?

Most noteworthy area for the Glera varietal?

Most planted grape in Piedmont?

Define menzioni geografiche aggiuntive.

What is Fenny?

Main white varietals of Offida.

Name an AOP and a synonym for the Tressalier grape.

VITI indicates that Merlot has been aged for 1 year before bottling from which region?

What is Sassolino?

What was the last year for bottling Prosecco IGT?

Rota Tent, produced from the Tintilla de Rota grape, is produced where?

What is Macharnudo?

What is the grape of Bugey-Manicle Rouge?

Where is Chateau de Vaux?

What is Negru de Pucari?

The grand crus of Dézaley and Calamin are located where?

Where is Lamberts Bay?

Where is the valeira dam?

What is Mateus Rosé?


Define Garrafeira for Port.

Common names for Vitis Riparia.

What is Pedernã?

What is Byrrh?

Synonym for Garnacha in Toro?

What is the Crimson Glory Vine?

Who made the first tawny ports with age indication?

What is an 'early landing' Cognac?

Where is Vitis amurensis native to?

What is Jagertee?

Synonym for Mazuelo in Priorat.

Muscat de Nöel is produced where?

Synonym for Vitis Riparia.

Who claims the first production of LBV port? Which house made it popular?

Can Bugey Cerdon be made from only Poulsard?

Define rinquinquin.

Arnaud de Villeneuve was responsible for what?

What is Nacional?

What are solcacos?

Grapes of Commandaria St John?

What happened in 1934 that disrupted the port wine industry?

Define Cartagene.

What is Mavro and Mavrud?

Define Vino de Guarda.

Define commerciantes.

Parentage of Vidal Blanc.

Minimum ageing time for a sparkling wine from the Douro.

What is Ultisol?

What is reserva latina?

where are europes highest vines?

Define Troussepinetteé.

Soil of Santorini.

Parentage of Baco 22a.

Where would you find the föhn winds?

what is incrocio terzi?

What are the 3 Torrontés varieties in argentia.

define vqprd.

which country commands the highest price per bottle on average in the world?

what are the subregions of marlborough?

where is the Coromandel Peninsula?

Which AOC's fall in the Lorraine Department?

what is muffa?

What is Sciacchetra and where is it produced?

Which Côte Chalonnaise village AOPs allow the production of red wine?

What is Gotim Bru, and where is it found?

what are two appellations for pommeau in france?

Rota Tent, of the Tintilla de Rota grape, is produced where?


Für Diabetiker geeignete on a wine label indicates what?

what is thalia?

Where is Isle St George?

Moët & Chandon set up Domaine Chandon in which Australian wine regon? 

what varietal is known as the green grape in s. africa?

Which legally trademarked bottle shape is a copy of an ancient flagon?

Which native varietal does Domaine Carras blend into their wines?

Define Anthracnose. What is its cause and how is it prevented?

What is Fenny (Feni) and where is it found?

what is the historical synonym for trebbiano in australia?

Would a Sake with a nihonshudo of -5 be more sweet or more dry?

what aop did varichon & clerc put on the proverbial international map?

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