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Sales & Service in the Modern Steakhouse

An in depth look at the different cuts of beef and other fares of a high end steakhouse.

Sales and service of high end steakhouse food & beverage.

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  • The wine list is tactfully presented to the appropriate person(s) at table (handed to the host or the person designated by the host);

  • All aperitifs and cocktails requested for the table, bar counter or lounge, are served within five minutes of being ordered (unless staff graciously advises of longer preparation time);

  • A sommelier/wine steward's assistance is offered or available;

  • If asked for a wine recommendation, the staff seamlessly offers thoughtful suggestions to assist with the guest's choice.... "If you enjoy full bodied reds from U.S., try our Grgich Hills Cabernet Sauvignon… It comes from one of the finest family producers in Napa Valley. The winery is owned by Mike Grgich who was inducted into the vintner hall of fame in 2008. It is an excellent compliment to rich, heavy dishes like our Chili Rubbed Rib Eye."

  • Staff can make knowledgeable and helpful wine recommendations... The why is just as important as the what: "Since you stated you like lighter, off-dry wines, may I suggest the Riesling. It hails from Germany, known for their high quality off-dry wines and pairs great with food due to the high minerality and good acidity."

  • If asked for a beverage recommendation, the staff seamlessly offers thoughtful and creative suggestions... "Our William Fevre Chablis is a great pairing for our swordfish... However, if you prefer red wine, try the Patz & Hall Pinot Noir… It has good balance and a lighter body so it compliments this light seafood dish even though it’s a red wine."

  • Wine assistance & recommendations are offered in a warm and interesting manner, with no sense of pretension;

  • Wine service includes relevant or noteworthy details, never becoming overwhelming (fun facts, interesting notes about the grape varietal)... "Here is your 2014 Grgich Hills Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley [the bottle is held facing the guest while the taste is poured]. This wine comes from all estate owned vineyards, is blended with a small amount of Merlot and Petite Verdot and is made by Mike Grgich, a vintner hall of fame inductee."

  • Wine service always includes demonstration of the label and pouring at the table with the label of the bottle facing the guest [see above examples];

  • Wines are served in varietal-appropriate stemware (one style glass is not used for all styles/varietals of wine);

  • Throughout the meal, all beverages are readily refilled and never empty more than 30 seconds; the guest never has to pour from their own bottles;

  • In the case of a wine pairing, wine is poured prior to food being served;

  • Wine service includes the offer of a tasting sample;

  • Beverages are served and cleared on trays;

  • Throughout the meal, table is attentively maintained. Soiled glassware, stir sticks, empty beverages and beverage garnishes are removed as necessary [additionally, unused glassware should be removed as soon as possible].

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