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From evaluate to create: my process for developing systems.

Information Technology


Identifying the pain points of your business is probably something that is done every day by all your employees. Pro's usually know what is wrong.


Coming up with solutions is easy if one has a magic wand. Since this is usually not the case, arriving at a viable path forward is what is called for. 


Iteration: pointing our ideas towards problem solving and applying technical production to alleviate the issue. It's time to build.

creating solutions for pain points

The hospitality industry is a perfect case study on how systems can break down fast, as the busiest of times reveal all flaws in the best laid plans. Designing solutions that perform like they are planned is the hardest part of being solution oriented.

I create my education programs, management systems and technology products with one prevailing thought in mind: it must improve guest service at the busiest, most pressure filled times.

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Education Website & Mobile App

Somm.Site is a wine education and hospitality training website I designed, created and executed.

I began creating educational pieces for the hospitality industry many years ago, realizing that technology would be the great equalizer. The delivery of quality learning and development electronically is more than an organizational development tactic, as it is truly the way of the future. 

For the development of Somm.Site, I took my years of education and experience in the hospitality industry and combined it with my technology skills to deliver the educational component every hospitality professional needs to be successful.

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virtual Restaurant Manager

Management Software Application

VRM is a communication and training application that I designed, developed and published. 

The creation and iteration of VRM was the most challenging endeavor I have attempted in my professional life. I invented communication and training software for restaurants, managed an overseas team, guided an app store and BETA launch and am now working through the iterations necessary to make a tech product successful.

This has been an outlet and an avenue for me to broaden my skill set while working on something I am truly passionate about: bringing the hospitality industry into the 21st century.

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