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Virtual Manager

Management Solutions for the Modern Restaurant Operation

It's not just an app, it's business evolution!

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Bringing training & development technology to the restaurant industry!

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menu training

Food & Beverage menu training delivered immediately. Keep everyone on the same page, paperless and effortless.

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Schedule Updates

Push the updated version of the schedule out in real time, after every edit throughout the week. Everyone stays in the loop!

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Pre Shift

Send the daily preshift meeting out to your staff electronically and eliminate thousands of dollars of paper waste. 

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add more

Wine training, quizzes, important documents and routine updates pushed out to staff instantaneously.

Recession on the Horizon?

A majority of economists believe a recession is probable over the next fiscal year. How will you prepare your business? How about reducing your operating cost while increasing corporate sustainability?

Environmental Responsibility

Reduce your waste and cut your operating costs with electronic delivery of your staff materials. the average Las Vegas strip restaurant spends thousands of dollars on paper every year. Lets build a true sustainable information system for your staff today!

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