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Derek Engles




Wine Education & Hospitality Management

A portfolio of technology developments dedicated to bringing quality education to wine enthusiasts and hospitality professionals. 

An Education Package Created by an Industry Professional

"The world is changing, and the way the next generation of employees consumes information has changed. Finding new ways to reach your next generation of staff members will be the biggest challenge for hospitality operators over the next 10 years."

Somm.Site: From Wine & Spirits to Forbes & Michelin Standards

I have developed education programs in the hospitality business for a long time, and I wanted to create something that was born out of the successes and failures I have witnessed in the largest corporations in the industry. I am putting all of my wine, tech and teaching skills behind this project.

"I wanted to create an educational experience that gives you all of the information that other programs give you, for a fraction of the price. With certifications and classes by other organizations costing thousands of dollars, one has to ask if those organizations have their students best interest in mind."

The Learn Wine Series: Focused Wine Education

Need to learn about Spanish, French or Italian wine?

Visit one of the educational sites I have built that accentuates the learning available at Somm.Site.

The focus of my website portfolio is the combination of wine education, sales & service of beverages and hospitality management. Somm.Site is the flagship product, while the Learn Wine series of website supports and expands upon the each topic. 

I am looking for a winery, distributor or hospitality company to partner with on a new way to reach and teach wine lovers, especially the new generation of consumers. 

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