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  • Derek Engles

Can we improve management performance with the right technology?

Yes we can.

Your brand new manager arrives, maybe they have worked a few places, maybe they have a new hospitality management degree. They do not know your system, they do not have the skill set your business needs yet and they do not have the legitimacy to manage the staff. They are green, like we all once were.

Then, you place Virtual Restaurant Manager in their hands. Day one, they start posting an updated version of the schedule every day and monitoring social media reviews. By the end of the first week, your new manager has uploaded the new menu training guide as well as a few videos of the chef preparing some interesting dishes. The wine team edits a new version of the by the glass wine training guide and the new manager uploads that, with some new you tube videos that coincide with the training packet. And every day since taking over VRM for the outlet, pre-shift has been in the employees hands hours before the shift and read well in advance of arriving to work. So, your new manager, who never worked in your type of room before, has training organized and engaging, pre-shift meeting notes flowing out to staff way ahead of time, social media reviews monitored and has cut paper consumption and reduced operation costs.

This is the crux of the Virtual Restaurant Manager. Making the responsibilities of an operations manager in a food & beverage outlet streamlined and effective. Turning your managers and employees into rock stars by keeping a constant flow of dynamic, updated information flowing.

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