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  • Derek Engles


This week, I will be launching the BETA version of Somm.Site. This is based off of the education program that will migrate into the Virtual Restaurant Manager ecosystem, recreated into an education and social website. As VRM 2.0 is worked into a proper software suite that will be a integral part of the way restaurants operate in the future,

Somm.Site will assist those in the industry (or the curious who want to learn more) in the educational pursuits

as well as their career aspirations. The training and development is executed in the same manner that a great sommelier or wine director would deliver in a luxury food & beverage operation.

The end goal will be an education & leadership resource, in Somm.Site, delivered via website and app. VRM will continue its march towards enterprise software, as the BETA testing revealed a desire by restaurateurs to have integrated versus application based technology. VRM 2.0, as well as the Somm.Site app, will be live by years end to give operators a better option to train and communicate with their staff members.


8/1/22 Update: I decided, after reviewing some of the feedback from the beta testing, to incorporate more course offerings. The shape this site is taking is 3 main courses and 4 study resources (blog, podcast, glossary, etc.), with "elective" classes to follow.

More to come!


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